This is Enduraplas

Superior Liquid Management Equipment

At Enduraplas, they specialize in manufacturing products that help you manage your liquid better. Their large range of liquid storage tanks, tank trailers, spray equipment and water storage solutions are built to last much longer than the industry norm. Using decades of development and research, exceptional design, experience and a relentless passion to innovate, we’ve made products with your application in mind.

Built in America.
Built to Perform.

Enduraplas products are proudly built in the United States from premium components like quality polyethylene. This guarantees unmatched durability that has consistently outperformed. Since 2003, their liquid management tanks have been built with thicker walls and superior poly materials. Rigorously testing America’s strongest tanks has ensured long-lasting durability. Engineered for Endurance™ is not just a statement, it’s a reality.

A Trusted Resource

Enduraplas was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers that wanted to prove that you can build poly tanks that are more durable, constructed stronger and also last longer than 3-5 years. Today, Enduraplas not only manufactures America’s toughest tanks but a large range of liquid trailers, spray equipment and more. An industry-leading 10-year tank warranty was not an afterthought. Enduraplas believes that to earn trust, you must deserve it – and to do that, you must have a history of proven performance. That’s why they will continue to provide superior liquid management equipment and helpful industry information that many customers and companies have already put their trust in.

Premium Products

Manufacturing a superior product requires a lot of research, creativity, dedication and a strong commitment to the customer that will be depending on it. With state of the art manufacturing plants in Texas and North Dakota, unique design capabilities and extreme quality control processes, this can be done. Listening to the customer has helped them provide premium products at an affordable price.

A Dealer Network

Spread across the USA and Canada, our dealers are the face of Enduraplas. Set up in key territories, these independent companies help us provide quicker delivery times, better customer service and that local touch that can’t be felt online. Bottom line, we believe that the person relying on their equipment should get a chance to touch it before they make the purchase.