This Is Banjo

World-Class Production

Banjo employs an array of molding presses, numerous machining and assembly cells, and an optimized logistics system empowering their production and shipping operations. Numerous large OEM customers entrust Banjo with their business because they’ve proven that they deliver the highest quality products, on time.

  • 36 plastic injection-molding presses
  • Capacity up 17,000 valves per day
  • Over 98% first-pass yield
  • Part specification tolerances at one-ten thousandth of an inch
  • 3 day lead-times

Extensive Quality and Support Systems

It’s said in the restaurant business that you’re only as good as your last meal. Knowing this, they do everything they can to ensure we get it right the first time. Whether it’s process controls that affect how a new part fits to one already in the field or simply making sure we assemble a valve correctly, their philosophy is that they’re only as good as their last shipment.

  • Inbound material inspections
  • Multiple finished goods inspections
  • Daily management process to isolate potential issues and assign countermeasures
  • Monthly Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) to identify opportunities for improved operations
  • In-house technical specialists at the ready to take action as necessary

Customer-Driven Innovation

Product innovation has been a Banjo hallmark since the company’s founder, Jack Canine, designed a better knife for applying anhydrous ammonia over a half century ago. Since then, Banjo has added a portfolio of thousands of products, many resulting from the specific needs of their customers.

  • Quick-change manifold systems enhance ease-of-use and versatility
  • Patented Dry-Mate dry disconnects dramatically reduce spillage
  • Electric valve product line tailored to OEM specifications
  • Hundreds of product concepts and extensions developed in tandem with our customers