The product chain for liquid handling solutions has a significant effect on the output of your farm or orchard. And when you’re pumping hundreds of gallons of liquid per hour, you want confidence in your liquid handling system. Bear Ag specializes in helping you put together the perfect combination to meet your need – reliably – for water, fertilizer or pest control applications.

In agriculture, it often seems as if the system solutions are as fluid as the liquids you use. Weather conditions have an impact on the products and frequency of applications. Bear Ag is here to talk with you about your challenges and take care of all of your equipment and supply needs for the field or orchard. We are your go-to resource for all ag liquid handling products.


We begin by learning about the issues you want to address, such as:

  • Water pressure
  • Discharge conditions
  • Pump efficiency
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Product (fertilizer/pest control) application
  • Operating cost control

Then, we provide an individual product or complete system recommendation:

  • The right pump for the job

    • You have dozens of choices for pumps. Let us help you select the one with just the right features.
  • Tanks from 500 to 12,000 gallons

    • We have the optimal size tank that’s essential for your liquid storage and pH balance requirements. The Rotoplas tanks that we sell are made of 100% raw materials.
  • Fertilizer injection equipment

    • Use irrigation equipment to deliver the exact amount of fertilizer you need based on your consistent monitoring.
  • Accessories

    • Hoses, valves, and gauges must be high quality to withstand field conditions. Don’t let a minor broken part take down your operation.
  • Shovels, pruners, clippers, safety supplies

    • Bear Ag is here to help you with even seemingly small details. Bring us your list!